Getting rid of chronic debtors one search at a time
Why Blacklist?

Simple, easy profiling

The blacklist is an alternative database for chronic debtors and fraudulent people as reported by verified registered Nigerian businesses. Any verified registered business in Nigeria is free to upload a list of their debtors or business associates, employee or customers that have defrauded them.

A collection of this uploaded list form a central database which can be accessed manually or via an API call. Members of the public can have access to data in the Blacklist especially when they need to verify the status of a potential partner, tenant, beneficiary or customer.
A System that works


The Blacklist is open to all. Anyone can access the Blacklist either via a manual search or via API call but at a cost.

However, only verified registered businesses are allowed to upload information on the Blacklist and they will bear the sole responsibility for any data that they upload on the Blacklist.

As part of the Blacklisting process, they will be strongly advised to upload evidence such as NDA, MOU, Agreement, Receipt, Invoice, Bank Statement etc.The Blacklist can be searched using name (surname & first name), phone number, email and BVN.

Each person making a search will have to fund their personal wallet or corporate wallet in the case of a company. Every query result will be charged to the wallet of the user making the search.

Users can fund their wallet and request for automatic alert should their name or details appear on the Blacklist.

System will scan the database for details matching that of the user every 24 hours or 48 hours based on the preference of the user. A company can have sub-accounts to accommodate the use of the platform by their staff from one corporate wallet.

Enhanced Privacy & Customer Consent

Every record that is uploaded unto the Blacklist, is referenced to the player making the upload.

Uploads will be done by all players using a standard format and can be done from a player’s dashboard at any time during the month.

Players are responsible for each data that they upload and should update their Privacy rules, Terms and Conditions to inform customers that their details will be reported to the Blacklist after pre-defined default days.

Getting rid of chronic debtors one search at a time

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